We are THAC.

Education. Collaboration. Philanthropy. Legislative Education.

Who We Are

THAC is the premier non-profit healthcare organization where healthcare professionals go for thought-provoking discussion, mutually beneficial relationships within the healthcare industry, and meaningful ways to impact people within our communities.

We serve our communities through engaging educational events to promote collaboration on emerging healthcare topics, conversation on healthcare legislation, and dedicated philanthropy for improving the community.

Our Core Pillars


Provide thought-provoking discussion leaders and panelists to bring awareness on a variety of hot topics.


Create opportunities for our members to leave an impact on the communities in which they live, work, and play.


Remove the barriers between healthcare organizations so we can all move toward working for the greater good of the industry.

Legislative Education

Serve our members with updates on local, state, and federal healthcare legislation.


We invite our guests to become a member after attending their first meeting. Membership ensures that you will have full access to all member benefits.


The Texas Healthcare Advisory Council holds monthly general membership meetings on Monday mornings. The monthly meetings are centered around a timely topic in healthcare and led by a dynamic discussion leader or an expert panel. THAC also hosts a quarterly happy hour event to foster new connections between its members and to support the non-profit of the quarter. Happy Hour events vary between venues and activities. Whether we are building awareness, physically packing kits, or writing notes of encouragement, all of our members will walk away feeling accomplished and fulfilled. Check the calendar for details on the upcoming events.