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Our Purpose

In January of 2018, a group of passionate healthcare professionals desired to meet regularly with fellow leaders in their industry for collaborative and interactive discussions on timely, hot topics. It was important to the founders that not only were they leaving each meeting having gained tremendous value but they also wanted to make an impact on the community they served.

After 16 months of incredibly successful meetings and a growing membership within the Frisco Chamber of Commerce, the group decided to expand its scope and found the Texas Healthcare Advisory Council (THAC), a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.  

Do you share some of the same passions? Do you want to participate in invigorating discussions? Would collaborating with other professionals create new opportunities for you professionally and personally? If so, we invite you to join us at our next event. Review the events tab to see what's coming up. 

Our Values

Leadership  We recognize our role of supporting leaders and organizations to transform policies and systems, and shall only take direct lead on advocacy issues if requested by our communities. We are visible and present in the larger community, developing strong connections and supporting advocacy led by our communities.

Community Involvement  We will make a difference in every community we serve by partnering with key stakeholders that share similar missions and visions.

Respect  We will never take for granted the giving of time, talent, resources, or funds by our members and sponsors.

Innovation  We will ceaselessly strive for excellence in every meeting, and look for opportunities to be a problem solver, pacesetter or innovator. We will plan to the best of our abilities and take timely actions using available information, and we are not afraid to change course as more information becomes available. We will not assume that the ways we are used to doing things are the only correct ways to do things.

Communication  We create environments that allow for every voice to be heard, and for no voice to be considered more important than another. We will make every effort to ensure those heard less often shall be heard, including checking in with those who tend to be quieter, and asking more dominant voices to step back and do more listening. We welcome and encourage energetic conversations across diverse perspectives and challenge each other respectfully.


Our goal is to support and raise awareness for a different local or national non-profit each quarter.  Through our collective networks, we are looking for sponsors, donations, and volunteers to further each non-profit's mission.

Each month, we will have specific action steps you or your company can take to help.  We end each quarter with a Networking Happy Hour in honor of the selected non-profit.


Our previous philanthropic partners are listed below.

2019 Quarterly Non-Profit Beneficiary:

Q1: Evan’s Avengers

Q2: National Breast Cancer Foundation

Q3: Feed My Starving Children

Q4: Scottish Rite


2020 Quarterly Non-Profit Beneficiary:

Q1: Children's Advocacy Center of Collin County

Q2: Camp iHope

Q3: Camp Craig Allen

Q4: Unlikely Heroes

2021 Quarterly Non-Profit Beneficiary:

Q1: First3Years

Q2: Team Connor

Q3: Treasured Vessels Foundation

Q4: Hope Supply

2022 Quarterly Non-Profit Beneficiary:

Q1: Dallas Hearing Foundation

Q2: Community Health Clinic

Q3: Meals on Wheels

Q4: Ranch Hand Rescue

2023 To Be Determined

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